Get Home Solar For Little To $0 Down With Newly Extended Tax Credits

A little-known government program called the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit allows Americans to install solar on their homes for shockingly low cost, and reduces average electricity payments more than $1,000 per year.

Solar puts money in your pocket, creates jobs in America, and helps fight climate change. No wonder the government is offering tax credits to make sure solar succeeds!

With the tax credit, homeowners who go solar can save an additional 30% on their installation, so if the thought of lower (or even eliminated) electricity costs sounds appealing, then the time to act is right now!

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A Middle-Class Stimulus Package

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is actually targeted towards the middle class. If you own your home, and your electricity costs are $100 per month or more on average (think high summer A/C costs, large TVs, constantly charging gadgets, and other power-hungry appliances) then you most likely qualify. Solar power puts more money in your pocket, creates jobs in America, and helps fight climate change, so the government is willing to help you go solar to get these benefits.

There are several options to take advantage of these incredible incentives:

  • Home solar loans let you get solar with little to no upfront costs
  • $0 down lease and PPA programs turn the incentives into low electricity rates
  • Upfront purchase provides immediate payback with zero interest and 70-90% lower electricity costs

Here’s the kicker: The government has required utilities to pay homeowners additional incentives to install solar in many states. Yes, that means even more cash back from your utility!

Solar Has Never Been Cheaper

Utilities don’t like solar, because they’d rather keep you paying for energy at higher and higher rates each and every year. They don’t want homeowners to install solar because it cuts into their profits. Just look how energy prices have increased in the past few years:

Get Home Solar For Little To $0 Down With Newly Extended Tax Credits

Think that trend is likely to change any time soon? Very unlikely. Now compare that to the price of solar, which continues to fall each and every year:

Get Home Solar For Little To $0 Down With Newly Extended Tax Credits

The cost of solar panels has plummeted, and the average homeowner with favorable sunlight conditions can now easily slash their monthly energy bills, and in some cases even sell excess power back to the grid for additional savings. How do you know if your home has the right conditions? Request a free quote and a solar specialist will do the research for you:

How Do You Find These Solar Incentives?, one of the country’s largest and most reputable solar comparison websites, is one of the few companies with all top solar companies in its network, and is currently assisting homeowners like you to obtain further information regarding the solar programs and incentives available. We can help connect you with the top solar companies in your area, who will provide free solar quotes with the incentives included, and allow you to choose the best one.

The average monthly savings for most eligible Americans is $93 (that’s $1,116 per year!) and many homeowners not only save money now, but depending on their current utility rate plans, they can save even more in the future when rates increase. Add it all up, and going solar means you will likely lower your energy bills, protect yourself from rising rates, and can even get cash back during peak months.

It just takes a quick consultation with a solar representative to find out if your home is a good candidate for solar, and there are no fees or obligations with these types of consultations. You have nothing to lose except your energy bill – while the incentives last.